John Florey

My name is John Florey.

I was born and raised in London in a family that originated from Burma (now called Myanmar) when it was part of British India. This background has given me an interesting perspective on life and its events. I was sent to boarding school in the UK, first to Orley Farm and then onto Harrow, with summer school jaunts in Switzerland.

John Florey

About John Florey

My tertiary education was at the University of London, where I read Law followed by a second undergraduate degree at Cambridge, where I was meant to have read Land Economy but played a lot of rugby. Much later, I enrolled on an Executive MBA at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, ‘the mighty Imperial’ as it’s now colloquially called. The culmination of that resulted in, from what had started off as an entrepreneurship final year project, raising £1.2 million and becoming a public company.  

John Florey Faster Capital
John Florey Business Man

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